Humming bees are everywhere …

Everybody knows stories for children about busy bees and their hard work collecting honey. And since many people love eating sweet honey they do also like the busy honey collectors – as long as they do not come too close. Bees, however, are only one out of million insect species which are flying through the air during summer time, pollinating the blossoms or serving as food for birds and other animals and fulfill their tasks ordered by nature in the most various ways.

Most insects are only perceived by people when they did harm to the humans or came a little bit too close – then they will usually end up hit by the chemical mace or a swatter. Especially annoying seem to be mosquitoes, wasps and beetles when they enter our houses and disturb us residents in our afternoon nap or night sleep due to their noisy humming. However, they are rarely really dangerous to us except to allergy sufferers or if flies use food for oviposition. This seems to be a reason for many people to become truly annoyed and panic.

However, there is a simple and durable method to protect the home from unwelcome guests which is moreover even animal friendly: insect screens for doors and windows.


Insect screens are available in various types and variations. Not only for doors and windows but also as decorative covers for food on the garden table or large mosquito-nets which completely encase a bed. Basically they all function according to the same principle: a fine net which is permeable to light and air shows the humming and crawling insects how close they are allowed to approach. Thus windows can be carelessly opened even if lit rooms seem to be very attractive in the evenings and doors can remain opened for entering and leaving. Depending on how massive the insect traffic is or how high the individual demand or hygiene regulations are, only certain areas can be equipped with insect protection but complete buildings, too.(Gardinen)