Invisible walls – fabrics for insect protection

Insect screens on doors and windows should neither hinder the view to the outside nor impede light or air circulation. Thus, they are supposed to be very invisible but still stable and resistant to weather, especially in the home area. The color of the fabrics play an essential role for a clear view whereas a dark grey is least perceived.

Fiberglass fabrics

are plastic fabrics reinforced by glass fibers. Thus they achieve a higher strength when physically strained and they do not break or tear as easy as comparable plastics without glass fiber. They are perfect to provide the required stability to the finely woven fly gauze. The single meshes are rigidly welded in a way that they represent an impenetrable net to insects. Furthermore, the plastic –coated fiberglass fabrics are highly weatherproof, UV radiation or heavy temperature fluctuations are unable to do them harm. (Insektenschutz)

Pollen-resistant fabrics

Whoever is not only allergic to insect stings but to pollen as well can protect his or her home from both intruders at the same time by means of densely woven insect screens made of fiberglass. The extremely dense meshes hold a majority of the pollen but still allow fresh air and light to enter the room.

Metall and plastic fabrics

Especially in the country people sometimes have to face larger nuisances who do not come by air but enter the house through air ducts, drainpipes or other holes. For a more stable pest and insect protection stronger insect screens made of aluminum, stainless steel or polyester can be applied to block cellars or cellar windows, drainages or filtration plants even for small rodents.


For practical fly covers for protecting food during a picnic or for fly or mosquito curtains over the bed also less robust fabrics can be used as mechanical strain and resistance to weather play only minor roles in these cases. For camping as well, simple insect nets in front of tent entrances are often used whereas here the light weight and low packing size are more important than light permeability.(Rollo, Raffrollo)