Insect screens in the window sash

A space-saving and flexible version for the protection of doors and windows against insects is an insect screen inside the window sash. (Insektenschutz)Therefore, you just assemble the provided guide rails over and under the door respectively window opening and therein you can move the insect screen to and fro.

Sash frames are also available with revolving assembly frames, which are directly screwed on the designated subfloor as a complete insect-repellent system. Here, frames and rails are well-matched and besides reliable protection also offer a comfortable handling. Especially for large window or door constructions this sliding version is an ideal solution, because several sash frames can be positioned next to each other, e.g. at widespread terrace doors or at passages to winter gardens. With the help of recessed grips instead of off-standing grips it is possible to slide the individual sliding elements to the side one after the other. A step protection can be integrated in the lower rail in order to avoid the staining of the inner bearing with the help of brushes. Also brush seals fixed on the side and in the upper rail enable a low-noise and safe handling and close little gaps between the individual sliding elements and the frame.

Larger systems can be equipped with a safety catch and a fastening brake so that the safety can also be guaranteed when the sash frame is closed and opened fast. Magnetic locks provide the necessary support so that also in case of stronger winds the easily sliding doors will not open on their own. (Insektenschutzgitter, Schieberahmen, platzsparend, beweglich, Fenster, Fliegenschutzgitter, Insektenschutz-System, Trittsicherung)