Horizontally or vertically usable insect protection roller blinds for doors and windows

Fly screen roller blinds are the optically most beautiful solution for fly screens as they disappear elegantly in a casket when opened which can be easily integrated within every door or window frame. (Fliegengitter, Rollo)The can be applied as insect screen for all types of windows, even for slope roof windows as well as for frequently used doors.

The casket for an insect screen roller blind is usually mounted laterally which avoids bending or stretching when closing or opening the insect protection door. The vertical operation rail is simply moved laterally (like in a window sash) and can be connected with the opposite door side by means of a magnetic fastener. In the upper and the lower part rails keep the web in position and serve as a seal at the same time.

Fly screen roller blinds can be fixed on a window just like any other roller blind. Here a fixing from the outside (for window casements opening towards the inside) is possible as well as a fixing from the inside (for roof windows opening to the outside). The casket can be fixed in the window reveal, on the frame or on the wall. The fixation in the reveal can be done without drilling. Here the casket can simply be clamped in with spring spindles and the rails fixed by means of adhesive tapes.(Rafflollo)