Fixed insect screen variations

Fly or insect screens can be easily made of yard goods by yourself or fixed elegantly into the window frame as tailored tenter frames. The grid fabrics are plastic or fiberglass nets which have to be resistant to UV radiation as well as light-proof and they are supposed to withstand mechanical strain. Of course, the do only make sense if they close the window or door completely; this is why the tenter frame or the fixing has to be perfectly adapted to the opening.(Insektenschutz)


The cheapest way is fixing the net by means of Velcro tape which is stuck into the frame and pressed on the edge of the fly screen. With a little bit of skill you can build an evenly spanned net which can also be easily removed. Unfortunately, the adhesive tape leaves ugly traces. This rather provisory variation is thus only suitable for undemanding application such as small windows in the tools shed or the vent in the garden toilet.

Tenter frames

For large windows in the living area which have to be cleaned time and again a fly screen fixed to a solid frame is an inexpensive, however, much more comfortable solution. It is just set into the window frame from the outside and can there be additionally fixed by springs or splints. The window can be tilted or turned as usual and in autumn or on demand the frame can be removed without leaving any traces. The different frame colors such as white, brown or others can integrate the insect tenter frame unobtrusively into the window image and of course the frame can be adapted to any desired window shape – from triangular to trapezium or other polygonal up to circular or arrow-formed shapes. (Schieberahmen, Drehrahmen)

In case of emergency, if no outside frame is available insect tenter frames can also be set into the built window frame, however, small bumps in the walls are sufficient to serve as small loophole for insects or a gust can push the frame out of the wall. In this case, additional fixings, e.g. wedges or brackets are necessary whereas the mounting and demounting can be rather complex and may have an unpleasant impact on the look.

The firmly anchored tenter frames are only recommendable for windows which are exclusively opened inwards and do not serve as hatch or the like. If you want to protect a passage or a door effectively from insects flexible insect screens are required. They can be easily opened and quickly closed. (Schutzgitter)