Flexible insect screens

Doors and entrances require a flexible insect protection which enables people to get to the outside or come in before flies, mosquitoes &Co. have the same idea. The fact that this may not be achieved absolutely successful is understandable; however, a reasonable use of flexible insect screen variations can avoid the invasion of the small intruders quite effectively. Which kind of version is most suitable for your purposes depends mainly on size, location and shape of your window or door.(Fliegenschutzgitter)

Revolving frames

The most applied form of insect protection for doors are fly screens in revolving frames. These frames are fixed like doors by means of spring hinges to the side of the window frame or in the inner face of the balcony or entrance door, where it can be opened with a small grip just like a door and closes independently by means of the spring mechanism. In order to avoid insects slipping through the small gap between fly screen and door frame this narrow slit is sealed by fine brushes which also serve as a buffer when the doors are closed quickly. Magnets ensure a reliable closing which immediately re-fix the revolving frame to the door frame, but can be easily opened on a slight push or pull if required. Depending on whether the terrace or entrance door opens to the inside or to the outside the revolving frames may either be fixed from the inside or the outside as well.(Rollo)

Sliding frames

For sliding doors on terraces insect screens in sliding frames are the perfect supplementation. Revolving doors or windows can be protected by them as well if there is enough space available on the side for example due to a bordering glass front or something like that. Therefore, rails are fixed to the top and bottom in the frame in which the fly screen may be easily moved. A surrounding brush sealing provides a complete closing of the frame. For operation small grips or hollows may be intended on the inside or the outside of the frame. In order to avoid dirt collecting within the rail on the floor, the rail can be protected by a step cover against too strong mechanical strains as well.

Roller blinds

An ideal and very elegant way of insect protection for all kinds of windows and doors are special roller blinds for insect protection. They can be used fixed horizontally or vertically on doors and are particularly practical since they disappear into a cassette when opened where they are kept protected and invisible even during the cold insect-free months. Basically, insect protection roller blinds work comparable to common roller blinds which are mounted to the door or window frame from the outside. Thereby, the insect net is wound up on a reel within the cassette, differentiated laterally to the rails and can be fixed to the opposite part of the window by means of clips or magnets on the handle.


Fly curtains provide a rather provisionally type of insect protection as they do not offer a reliable protection. The single hanging net panels do not provide any sufficient protection since they are sensitive to wind and do not close tightly. The usual fixing by means of Velcro strips is also not suitable for a repeated use as the adhesive tape or the curtain itself tend to come off very easily. However, even they can prevent a majority of insects from entering the house.(Insektenschutz)