Insect screen for windows and doors in revolving frames

For windows and doors which are frequently opened and closed the revolving frame provides a perfect insect protection solution. Here as well different variations are available which allow fixing on a wall as well as on the door or window frame by means of shutter rails. Numerous colorful coatings and shapes of the firm aluminum frames do as well meet most various demands concerning optical aspects which makes insect screen revolving frames perfectly suitable for living areas.(Drehrahmen)

The hinges can be directly screwed to the provided ground. Here the frame can be hung in when spring comes and hung out in winter – just like a usual door or window. Revolving frames are also available as complete installation frames which are permanently fixed to the provided ground. The hinges do not have to be screwed individually.

Fly screen revolving frames are usually equipped with a cross member which increases the stability of the frame and at the same time allows the upper and the lower part to be equipped with different insect protection webs.(Insektenschutz) Thus for the lower part a stronger, scratch and shockproof grid can be used which is resistant to cats’ and dogs’ attacks. A denser frame profile in the lower part does not only serve as a stabilizer but it also allows the door to be opened by foot kicks if the hands are not free. Spring hinges close the door independently and thus belong to the standard equipment as well as a magnetic lock which keeps the door closed.