Permanent protection against insects with tenter frames

Fly screen tenter frames are a reliable and stable solution for windowcases, where no permanent passage is necessary. The frames made from extruded aluminium can be adapted to the most different window shapes, not only to rectangular window shapes, but also to triangular, round, trapezoid or polyangular windows. Of course, the colour scheme of the frame can be chosen in the respective colours of the window frame so that the overall picture of the facade is not disturbed.

The tenter frames are fixed from the outside either in the window reveal or – with windows made from synthetic material or aluminium – also in the window seam. Hereby, the internal dimension of the reveal or the seam equals the external dimension of the insect frame, whereby little irregularities in the brickwork or in the window frame must be considered during the measurement. Bolted angles can serve as mounting for the frame, however spring bars or suspension springs are more elegant and easier in handling and with those you can hinge and unhinge the frame fast.

With the help of seal brushes at the outer frame narrow crevices between tenter frame and window frame are additionally sealed so that even minimal insects will not be able to find a loophole. The choice of the grid itself can differ depending on the size of the frame (elasticity and strength) and the protection demand (insects as well as pollen protection). Grey nets are the least eye-catching and enable an unhindered view. (Insektenschutz, Spannrahmen, Fensterformen, rechteckig, dreieckig, rund, trapezförmig, vieleckig, Fassade, Alufenster, Pollenschutz)